2015, A Year of Stereograms!Unknown

2015 was a blessed and exciting year for Stereograms!

jamesmarkeyJames Markey’s CD, Psychedelia featured as suite of three Stereograms, Nos. 6, 18 & 7, as did many of his live performances and masterclasses.

Ben van Dijk completed a series of four Stereograms posted on the web, includings Nos. 3, 10, 34, and 41 in a Flamenco style with guitar accompaniment a la DUO BRUBECK.

The composer performed Stereogram No. 1 to a packed house at the 2015 Conference of the International Trumpet Guild (ITG) in Columbus, and Launched DUO BRASS Jazz with trumpeter Jason Carder and an ITG performance of Stereogram-based brass duo arrangements of “Sea Journey” and “Senor Blues”.

Brubeck also performed Stereograms Nos. 1, 6, 11, “I wish” and “Saints Go Marching In” at the 2015 International Euphonium and Tuba Festival in Atlanta, making him the first solo artist to be featured in a grand slam of the four International conferences of the International Trombone Association (2010), International Tuba and Euphonium Conference at Indiana University (2014), and the International Trumpet Guild (2015).

The ground breaking jazz duo featuring bass trombone and guitar-DUO BRUBECK, featured duo treatments of Stereograms Nos. 6 & 3 posted on line, in addition to numerous live concerts with four sets of original and arranged versions of Stereograms based on All Blues, Summertime and Use Me, Take The A Train, So Danca Samba, She’s Leaving Home & Old Devil Moon, And I Love Her, Sea Journey & Caravan, Señor Blues, Ain’t No Sunshine and I Wish!

Stereogram No 3, Dedicated to George Roberts
Performed by Ben Van Dijk

Stereograms Nos. 1-20 are published by The International Trombone Association Press, and available through Hickey’s music.

Stereograms Nos. 21-30 are published by The International Trombone Association Press, and available through Hickey’s music.

Introductory Stereograms Letters A-M are available through Cherry’s Classics. Enjoy a free sample, here.

Seven free Stereograms are offered online at davidbrubeck.com, and an additional four Holiday-themed Stereogrmas are also found there.

Stereogram No. 6,
Performed by James Markey

Available at cdbaby

Stereogram No. 41, Flamenco
dedicated to Ben van Dijk
performed by Ben van Dijk

Stereogram No. 34*, dedicated to Ben van Dijk
Performed by Ben van Dijk

Stereogram No. 10, Dedicated to Gustav Holst
Performed by Ben van Dijk

Stereogram No. 6,
Performed by DUO BRUBECK
David Brubeck, bass trombone & Mitch Farber, guitar

Stereogram No. 3
Performed by DUO BRUBECK

Stereogram arrangements in the jazz duo setting,
Performed by DUO BRUBECK

Stereogram in recital included numerous performances by James Markey, and on bass trombone recitals. Ben Larson and Scott Evansen were kind enough to post their renditions of “How Great Though Arts” (Stereogram No. 41), which is dedicated to Douglas Yeo.

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