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It is difficult to believe that we have completed our second set of interviews since davidbrubeck.com launched “Seven Positions”;our second “partial” of seven interviews is complete and we are well on our way towards the third collection of seven more interviews! We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to our second set of respondents. They have been gracious, giving and kind.


1. ‘Seven Positions’ tm launches with Charlie Vernon, of The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, brilliant pedagogue and soloist.
-1reichenbach_cdUnknown-4Paul, tux, horn, cropped

2. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with James Markey, of The Boston Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic
3. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with Chris Brubeck: Jazz Soloist, Composer and Bandleader


4. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with Doug Yeo of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Arizona State University
evl_9489Massimo Directly from th018hawes

5. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with Jeremy Morrow, of The New World Symphony
6. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with Tom Everett, of Harvard University
7. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with Gerry Pagano, of The St. Louis Symphony

benPhoto courtesy  John D. Rojak for davidbrubeck.comimagesGerry Pagano

8. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withPhil Teele-Los Angeles Studio Recording Legend
9. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withJohn Rojak-Chamber Music Great from The American Brass Quintet
10. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with
Ben van DijkChrisBrubeckDoug Yeo Proclamation15rwakin.1901 c 2006 NY Times Permission Requested

11. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withRandall Hawes-of The Detroit Symphony Orchestra
12. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withDenson Paul Pollard-Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
13. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withThomas Matta-Chicago Master Arranger and and Freelance Bass Trombonist
14. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withFred Sturm-Gifted Arranger and Original Member of Matrix


15. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with Bill Reichenbach-King of the Jazz Bass Trombone
16. ‘Seven Position’ tm with Massimo Pirone, the most accomplished jazz bass trombonist of his generation.

Unknown-4JW 2Everett Photo

17. ‘Seven Positions’ tm with Erik Van Lier one of Europe’s great bass trombonists.
18. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withJennifer Wharton
19. ‘Seven Positions’ tm withMatyas Veer
20. From the Berlin Philharmonic,
Stefan Schulz Translates “Seven Positions”.

21. George Roberts with Jon Yeager


22. Craig Gosnell23. Jeff Reynoldsimages-1Reynolds_photo2stefan-schulz-pressefoto-01Matyas 1evl_9489Unknown

Bob Sanders


24. Operatic Triple-Threat, Dan Satterwhite.

25. Dennis Bubert

26. Jan Kagarice

27. Steve Norrell

28. Jason Sulliman

29. Award-winning soloist, Matyas Veer

30. Canadian Sensation Isabelle Lavoie.

31. Beast trombonist Bob Sanders.


32. Randy Campora, Habla Bass Trombone.

33. Matthew Guillford.


34. LA Premieres with Terry Cravens. 35. Pure Bass Bone Gold, Paul Faulise 36. Big Band Master Ed Partyka

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