“The Jazz Bass Trombone” tm

Unknown-4 The Jazz Bass Trombone No. 1 ‘The Jazz Bass Trombone’ tm Launches with Thomas Matta’s “You’re My Everything”, arranged for Charles Vernon. This exciting feature includes an analysis and excerpt from the work by Major Bailey, an interview with the arranger, a list of additional trombone and bass trombone features by the arranger, and a prelude by David Brubeck on the state of the jazz bass trombone.

1239623_535168472541_2074193333_nThe Jazz Bass Trombone No. 2 tm Features ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’ Arranged by Tom Kubis for Demetri Pagalidus. This thought-provoking edition includes a discussion of the bass trombone in the music of Duke Eliington and an interview with Ellington expert Marc T. Bolin. Major Bailey returns with another excerpt from an Ellington arrangement and analysis of the same.

The Jazz Bass Trombone No. 3 features Eliezer Aharoni and his moveable compendium of all things non-classic bass trombone.

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Interviews With Jazz Bass Trombonists
from Seven Positions

I. ‘Seven Positions” tm No. 3 with Chris Brubeck: Jazz Soloist, Composer and Bandleader
II. ‘Seven Positions’ tm No. 8 with Phil Teele-Los Angeles Studio Recording Legend
III. ‘Seven Positions’ tm No. 13 with Thomas Matta-Chicago Master Arranger and and Freelance Bass Trombonist
IV. ‘Seven Positions’ tm No. 14 with Fred Sturm-Gifted Arranger and Original Member of Matrix

V. ‘Seven Positions’ tm No. 15, with Bill Reichenbach-King of the Jazz Bass Trombone
VI. ‘Seven Position’ tm No. 16, with Massimo Pirone the most promising and accomplished jazz bass trombonist of his generation.
VII. ‘Seven Positions’ tm No. 17, with Erik Van Lier, one of Europe’s great bass trombonists.
VIII. Seven Positions with George Roberts and Jon Yeager.
XIX. Craig Gosnell

XX. Matyas Veer

XXI. Jennifer Wharton

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