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There are at least a dozen of David Brubeck’s Numbered Stereograms (Advanced) and another dozen of his Lettered Stereograms (Intermediate) available for free on this site, most for bass clef instruments, but some are for diverse instruments such as violin, trumpet, French horn and flute! And especially Alto-Sax or Bari-Sax!

Look for complimentary lesson material, free duos, an unaccompanied fanfare for trumpet or tenor trombone, and Slide Study No.1 as well as “Exentendetude” tm.


Purchase 5-Minute Lessons by David Brubeck from Cherry Classics.

David Brubeck’s pre-elementary method for trumpet is written for young brass players by a great brass player. It has been presented at the International Trumpet Conference and featured in the Journal of The International Trumpet Guild. Whether you are heading for “Essential Elements”, “Standard In Excellence”, “Yamaha Band Student”, or even “Rubank’s Elementary Method”, start your your journey here!

Rhythmic Etudes for Bass Clef Instruments, Stereograms LETTERS A-M
Introductory Stereograms A-M
Each of the thirteen new etudes which comprise this volume have been edited to be performed on ANY BASS CLEF INSTRUMENT. Each etude begins with a simple theme, which is then ‘rhythmatized’ and then adorned with self accompaniment. The simple themes are at the elementary level, and the rhythmic variations gradually progress from elementary/intermediate to intermediate.

Ideal for those who would like to develop their skill interpreting modern grooves, become familiar with the Stereogram technique or develop their sight-reading. Vital for those with no access to a jazz ensemble. Developed in consultation with noted tenor trombonists, tubists, bassoonists, bassists, and cellists.

“David William Brubeck’s Stereograms A-M represent a wonderful approach to
examining Theme and Variations for younger musicians. By using ‘standard’ melodies, he presents each tune in a form that both the performer and audience can recognize easily before launching into a variation that puts a twist on the melody while still allowing us to sing along in our heads. So often when working with students on variation forms, we have to remind them to find the melody within the more technical passages. By using an embedded bass line as the main thrust of the variations, Brubeck’s Stereograms both allow the melody to be heard throughout and also serve to introduce students to different grooves and rhythmic patterns. I really enjoy practicing and performing both these and the more advanced Stereograms. Bravo!

Professor Joshua Hauser, Tennessee Tech University. Available from: Cherry Classics

sku50091Stereograms for Solo Bass Trombone Nos. 1-20, Fifth Edition. These innovative solos for bass trombone have been presented at the 2010 International Trombone Association Festival by David William Brubeck, published in the International Trombone Journal, recorded by James Markey, Joshua Hauser and Garth Simmons, and performed by Doug Yeo, James Markey and others in recital throughout the world. Rhythmic, self-accompanying etudes which evoke the spirited music of Bobby McFerrin for the bass trombone! Staple bound and published by the International Trombone Association Press. Available NOW from Hickey’s music and at other fine retailers.

21-30 ITAStereograms for Solo Bass Trombone
Nos. 21-30, Second Edition.

Ten more original etudes for solo bass trombone. A rhythmic romp through mixed meters and modern grooves via exotic locales.
Staple bound and published
by the International Trombone
Association Press.
Available NOW from Hickey’s music and at other fine retailers.

CC2789_copy_largeAs presented at the 40th International Trumpet Guild Conference in Columbus, Ohio by DUO BRASS-Craig Morris, Peter Wood, Marc Reese & Jason Carder trumpets with David William Brubeck bass trombone. Each of these ten concert duos have been arranged, performed and refined by Brian Neal, solo trumpet of the Dallas Brass, and David Brubeck, bass trombonist. During four seasons, the Brubeck-Neal Duo presented these arrangements in dozens of concerts. A significant milestone in the development of the under-served genre of duo brass. Spiral bound. Available NOW from Cherry Classics!

Stereograms Nos. 1-20 for Solo Tuba!
The availability of Stereograms Nos. 1-20 has extended from the original editions (suitable for bass trombone, euphonium, tenor trombone with ‘f’ attachment, bassoon, cello, or bass), to a special edition for tuba!

Stereograms have been described as “Bobby McFerrin meets the Bach Cello Suites”, and are rhythmic etudes which contain self accompaniment and give the aural illusion of two or three separate parts within a single melodic line.

Carefully transcribed and adapted by Professor Kelly Thomas, of the IMG_6728University of Arizona and his former assistant Will Houchin, these lower voiced Stereograms have been recast into appropriate ranges and keys for tuba and are now available for purchase on-line!

These are the solos featured at the 40th Annual International Tuba and Euphonium Conference at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana where they were introduced by Jim Self and performed by Beth Mitchell, Patrick Nyren, Kelly Thomas and David William Brubeck.

American trombonist and educator Clayton Lehman has e-published these important new contributions to tuba literature as ebooks books from his new locale as a student in China! The links are as follows:

The following is a page that links to all four collections of Stereograms for Tuba on Amazon Kindle:

The next link is for #1-5 (Collection 1) that is available through B&N Nook:

The next link is for #1-5 (Collection 1) that is available through iBooks/iTunes: Randy Emerick-1
Stereograms Nos. 1-20 for Saxophones

The original Stereograms for bass trombone, adapted for baritone saxophone by Randy Emerick. The etudes work well on all saxophones and were used by Fred Hemke at Northwestern University.
Currently unavailable.
19 Stereogram Eb

Publications No Longer Available

Stereograms Original012Stereograms for Solo Bass Trombone
Nos. 1-20, First edition.

Published in 1999, this is the original version. Staple bound with cover art by Cecilia Martinez.

Stereograms 2nd Edition013
Stereograms for Solo Bass Trombone
Nos. 1-20, Second Edition.

Spiral bound, and published
by the International Trombone
Association Press and Southern Music.

Stereograms 3rd Edition014Stereograms for Solo Bass Trombone
Nos. 1-20, Third Edition.

Staple bound and published
by the International Trombone
Association Press and Southern Music.

Everglades Warick011Stereograms for Solo Bass Trombone Nos. 1-20, Fourth Edition.Staple bound and published by the International Trombone Association Press.

Stereograms Warick010

Stereograms for Solo Bass Trombone
Nos. 21-30, First Edition.

Staple bound and published
by the International Trombone
Association Press and Warwick Music.

Stereograms Tuba SERTEC015
Stereograms for Solo Tuba Nos. 1-20, SERTEC Edition. Staple bound and presented at the 2011 Southeast Regional Tuba and Euphonium Conference. Adapted for tuba by Kelly Thomas, Professor of Tuba at the University of Arizona and his assistant Will Houchin.
(Now available in PDF form from Clayton Lehman, please see above.)
1_Stereogram_Tuba c 2013 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved.

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