NEW! Stereogram “Amazing Grace” Dedicated to Mark Adams and John Duda

ADDED: RECORDING! I played it through on my single valve bass trombone which was at hand, to give you a better idea of what I had in mind. Enjoy!

Dedicated to my favorite repair men/craftsmen and sponsors. I grew up hanging out in the repair basement at The Music Shoppe with Carl & Chuck, and have always been blessed with great repair people and craftsmen like Doug Elliot, Earl Williams, Roy Lawler and others. Mark Adams has customized and assembled most of my trombones with TN Earl Williams Bells & Meinlschmidt valves provided by John Duda. With appreciation and gratitude to all of you and to others who remain unmentioned. Please note: ‘C’ in measure 19 should be a ‘C#’. thanks!

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