Stereogram No. 6 for Unaccompanied Solo Violin, (Or Treble Clef ‘C’ Instruments…)

“Stereogram” tm, is a term coined and developed by David William Brubeck to describe his method of composition for the unaccompanied solos with this designation. The numbered Stareogram are often advanced in nature and most often presented for bass cleff instruments, especially bass trombone and tenor trombone with f-attachment. Dependent on the ‘persistence of audition’, Brubeck’s musical compositions weave two, three or even four distinct parts with in a single ‘melodic’ lin, much like visually oriented stereo grams offer secondary images within the initial image.They have bee adapted for lower bass clef instruments, especially tuba, as well as Eb instruments, especially bari-sax. A habdful are available for other instruments such as treble clef ‘C’ (Violin/flute/etc), French horn as well as viola.

The composer of “Stereograms” is David William Brubeck, the son of James and Barbie Brubeck, from Normal, Illinois, and third-cousin of the famous jazz pianist and composer, Dave Brubeck, after whom he was named. A noted bass trombone soloist and scholar, Brubeck has made most of his professional career in Miami, Florida in the United States of America.

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