“Kid Ory”, by David William Brubeck, Free Duos for Trombone and Bass Cleff Instruments

When TROMBA, The Ultimate Plastic Trombone, asked me to adapt some of my elementary trombone materials for their young trombonists, I leapt at the chance to introduce a concept of melodies restricted to a minor third, and four consecutive positions-initially first through fourth.

photo-39This approach served the dual purposes of reducing the challenges posed by slide distances and sensitizing the young musicians to half-steps right away. One of the ‘TrombAngel’ parents happily reported to me that after the “5-Minute Lesson” series, her daughter could pick up the viola, and play in-tune without needing to mark the fingerboard with tape. Something the mother, an accomplished violinist and violin teacher, attributed to the ‘5-Minute Lesson” approach. Other benefits have become apparent, and we’d like to celebrate the popularity of this ground-breaking technique with the release some duos based on one of the more popular ‘minor third’ melodies-Kid Ory. Enjoy!

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Kid Ory Duet (Eb) FINAL
Kid Ory Duet (Bb) FINAL

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