Introductory Stereogram Letter ‘A’-Free Music for ‘Cello, Euphonium, Baritone, Bass, Tuba, Tenor Trombone with ‘f’-attachment or Bass Trombone

Gordon Cherry has done it! Cherry Classics has published Rhythmic Etudes for Bass Clef Instruments (Introductory Stereograms Letters A-M) a veritable rhythmic Rosetta-Stone to the more advanced, original Stereograms, Nos 1-30, which are published by the International Trombone Association Press.

These Introductory Stereograms are for ALL BASS CLEF INSTRUMENTS at ALL LEVELS and will provide you or your favorite “denzien of the deep” with hours of fun sight-reading, concert etudes, and a bridge to the more advanced, numbered Stereograms 1-40. Gordon has generously provided a free sample-Stereogram ‘A’ based on “You Are My Sunshine”. Enjoy!

Intorductory Stereogram Letter 'A'


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