“Slide Study No. 1”, “Slide Extendetude tm No. 1”, and Slide Motion & Faster Slide Reprints!

My article on trombone slide motion is approaching it’s fourth anniversary. I am still surprised by the variety of successful slide motion strategies. While some seem to prefer articulation aided by the snap of the slide, I most often prefer the Bill Watrous inspired approach of fluid slide motion, choosing instead to define the resonance with variances in embouchure firmness and tongue speed/intensity.

One of my most respected colleagues, Ken Thompkins of the DSO, summed up the article with the following, “I could have written that article for you: Don’t move your slide any faster than you have to!”

Wise words.

Here is a study in the motion of the trombone slide, use the type slide motion of your choice! There are many opportunities to move the slide using the joint of the wrist alone in this simple melody. Enjoy!

(PS: If you’d like a faster slide, check out this classic article by the Slide Doctor!)

Slide Study No1-1

For those of you who want to explore 6th and 7th positions a little more fully, despite your ‘f-attachment’, try the first of my Slide Extendetudes!

Slide Extendetude no. 1

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Special thanks to the talented Mike Nunez for his invaluable editing and engraving skills.

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