Brass Duos: Trumpet and Bass Trombone

ONE “Air on a ‘G’ String”, Excerpt, performed and arranged by the Brubeck-Neal Duo

TWO “Two Part Invention No. 4” by J. S. Bach

THREE “Goldberg Variations” by J. S. Bach arranged by Brubeck-Neal Duo

TWO: “Goldberg Variations”, Marc Reese and David Brubeck-Audio file Only:

      1. bach-goldberg-with-marc-reesenew

FOUR “Lucy” by John Lennon & Paul McCartney. performed by the Brubeck-Neal Duo, arranged by Brubeck

FIVE “Flow My Tears” by John Dowland performed by the Shefcik-Brubeck Duo, and arranged by Brubeck-Neal.

SIX “Fur Elise” by Ludvig von Beethoven, performed by Shefcik-Brubeck and arranged by Brubeck-Neal

SEVEN “Sea Journey” by Chick Core, performed by the Brubeck-Neal Duo, arranged by Brubeck


EIGHT “Air on a ‘G’ String” Complete, J. S. Bach, arranged and performed by the Brubeck-Neal Duo

NINE: “Two Part Invention No. 4” Faster Tempo, by J. S. Bach

At first, it seemed to be brass quartets, from Speer and later Venice. Then valves and Ewald and quintets. But what about a duo? Yes, just TWO brass! This is what I would have been looking to listen to when I was a boy…Album II Brass Duos!


Check out Legendary Jazz Group, Miami’s Own Duo Brubeck:

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