Featuring Lindsay Blair In Miami’s Own-DUO BRUBECK

Featuring Lindsay Blair in Miami’s Own, DUO BRUBECK

Miami’s Own, Duo Brubeck, began in about 1991, with Tom Lippincott on guitar and David Brubeck on bass trombone. As the group became more successful, Tom was not always available, and a second set of repertoire and line up of Duo Brubeck emerged with Mitch Farber on guitar and David Brubeck on Bass Trombone.

A breakthrough came when a concert was scheduled downtown Miami, alternating both versions of the duo was scheduled. By listening to each other play the complicated arrangements without having to focus on playing them, both guitarists were able to more fully grasp the concept of the group beyond the virtuosity of the parts.

The success of the group reached an important crest when Duo Brubeck was invited to perform at the 2017 International Trombone Festival near Los Angeles, California. One catch; both Tom and Mitch were busy the week of the festival.

There were doubts that any guitarist could reach the level of Lippincott or Farber in an idiom that they helped to create-jazz guitar and bass trombone duos! Even another guitarist they could, the time frame was impossible! The jazz duo had grown and accumulated techniques and literature for years if not decades: to plug someone in now for a feature length concert seemed unlikely if not impossible given such short notice.

Except for Lindsey Blair.

Lindsay accpeted the challenge, and was even willing and available to fly out to Los Angeles. Some arrangements needed to be written down for the first time and new pieces were adapted. In record time, DUO BRUBECK 3.0, featuring Lindsay Blair, became a thing of beauty and originality on its own.

“Strawberry Fields, Forever”

“Old Devil Moon”

“Use Me Up”

“Yes, jesus Loves Me”

“Go Tell Aunt Rhody”

“Blue Bossa”


“Strawberry Fields”

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