Seven Free Stereograms! Free Music Suitable for Bassoon, Euphonium, ‘Cello, Tenor Trombone with ‘F’-attachment, Baritone or Bass Trombone-Courtesy of

Drawing inspiration from the cello suites of J. S. Bach and vocalist Bobby McFerrin, David William Brubeck’s Stereograms have been performed and recorded throughout the globe. Though originally composed for bass trombone, almost all of the Stereograms have optional octave indications and work very well for euphonium, ‘cello, baritone, bassoon, and tenor trombone with ‘f’-attachment as well. (Separate editions have been transcribed for tuba and saxophone.)

CLick on each link below to access the music-and enjoy!

1. Stereogram No. 1, “Pankow”,

2. Stereogram No. 11, “Miami”

3. Link to Stereogram No. 31, “How Great Thou Art”

4. Stereogram No. 33, “The Star Spangled Banner”

5. 36 Final36 Final 2

6. Stereogram No. 37, “’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”-original

7. Stereogram No. 37A, “’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”-(slightly higher and faster)

Stereograms are published by the International Trombone Association Press and are available from Hickey’s Music and other fine retailers:

c. 2013 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved.

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