DUO BRUBECK Performs Stereogram No. 3, Dedicated to George Roberts, With Lyrics!

Stereogram No. 3, Words and Music by David William Brubeck, Dedicated to George Roberts.
Published by the International Trombone Association Press, and available from Hickey’s Music.

This is the only Stereogram that started out with accompaniment. The chords I originally selected had been lost, but I added new chords. The accompaniment was beautifully realized by Tom, after a few brief suggestions, and one rehearsal.

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If you are familiar with the story of George Roberts’ first performance of “September Song” with the Stan Kenton Orchestra, it was in that spirit that this piece was composed.

If you haven’t heard the story…
“It was George Roberts’ first night as bass trombonist with Stan. The corn-fed Iowan had left the employment of Gene Krupa (where his section-mate had been the great Urbie Green), and moved to California.

As the evening progressed, the electricity failed and the lights went out. Stan announced that the bass trombone feature, “September Song”, would have to be skipped over, because it was the new bass trombonist’s first night with the band.

George said he had memorized the feature and, with Kenton’s blessing, played it note-for-note, in the dark!

Please see the lyrics for my original below:

I Didn’t Love You Girl
Words and Music by David William Brubeck
c. 1993/2015 David William Brubeck (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

I didn’t love you girl, the moment we first met.
And when I heard your name, it was a name I could forget.
Not when you “claimed the room”, not caught by your perfume;
not kiss, nor this.
No look into your eyes, not captured by your sighs.
No bliss. No tryst.
No, none of these were how, ’cause I didn’t love you girl…
’til now.

This recording appears courtesy of composer Federico Bonacossa.


Words and Music c. 1993/2015 David William Brubeck (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved www.davidbrubeck.com

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