More Free Holiday Music! Stereogram No. 40 Makes Four, Free Holiday Stereograms, for ‘Cello, Bassoon, Euphonium, Tenor Trombone with ‘f’-attachment, and Bass Trombone

I love to use melodies as part of my warm-ups, and at this time of year Christmas melodies are irresistible! This was an improvisation that I transcribed, and polished a bit. See if you can figure out the beginning tune. Feel free to substitute sixteenth notes for thirty-seconds; I play it both ways! Hopefully, a few of these Stereograms will find their way to Salvation Army kettles. Enjoy.

Stereogram No. 40 is dedicated to Donald Knaub, a wonderful man and musician. As a bass trombonist, and particularly with his solo recordings, his influence has been enormous. Merry Christmas, Don!

Stereogram No. 40 - Silver Bells

Silent Night, Stereogram No. 38

We Three Kings, Stereogram No. 32

Jingle Bells, Stereogram No. 39

Stereograms are published by the International Trombone Association Press and are available from Hickey’s Music and other fine retailers:

c. 2013 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved.

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