Cherry Classics Publishes Introductory Stereograms A-M Bass Clef Gargoyle c 2012 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved
Cherry Classic has published “Rhythmic Etudes for Bass Clef Instruments”
“Introductory Stereograms A-M”
The thirteen new etudes which comprise this volume have been edited to be performed on ANY BASS CLEF INSTRUMENT. Each etude begins with a simple theme, which is then ‘rhythmatized’ and then adorned with self accompaniment. The simple themes are at the elementary level, and the rhythmic variations gradually progress from elementary/intermediate to intermediate. Ideal for those who would like to develop their skill interpreting modern grooves, become familiar with the Stereogram technique or develop their sight-reading. Vital for those with no access to a jazz ensemble. Developed in consultation with noted tenor trombonists, tubists, bassoonists, bassists, and cellists.

“David William Brubeck’s Stereograms A-M represent a wonderful approach to
examining Theme and Variations for younger musicians. By using ‘standard’ melodies, he presents each tune in a form that both the performer and audience can recognize easily before launching into a variation that puts a twist on the melody while still allowing us to sing along in our heads. So often when working with students on variation forms, we have to remind them to find the melody within the more technical passages. By using an embedded bass line as the main thrust of the variations, Brubeck’s Stereograms both allow the melody to be heard throughout and also serve to introduce students to different grooves and rhythmic patterns. I really enjoy practicing and performing both these and the more advanced Stereograms. Bravo!”

Professor Joshua Hauser, Tennessee Tech University.

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