Miami’s Own, Duo Brubeck LIVE at MDC Kendall, Arts & Letters Days

WOW! Miami’s Own Duo Brubeck featuring BOTH Tom Lippincott AND Mitch Farber, LIVE! IN COLOR! Possible Masterpiece Alert-check out “How Insensitive” 29:30, super chamber music skills on display in “She’s Leaving Home” 9:30, super tasty grooves in “You Are My Sunshine” 44:30 BRUBECK 5/4 ALERT- in “The Star Spangled Banner”? 16:10, Brubeck originals in “I Dream of Miami Beach 24:30 & Stereogram No. 6”! 1:07

Featuring Tom Lippincott

(Equipment Earl Williams TN 10 Bell, Bach Open Wrap, Shires Short Crook, Conn 72H lSlide)

Songs “And I love Her”, “Take The A Train/So Danca Samba”, “She’s Leaving Home”, “The Star Spangled Banner”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Yes, Jesus Loves Me”, “I Dream of Miami Beach”, “How Insensitive”

Featuring Mitch Farber

(Earl William 10 TN, Bach Closed Wrap, a more open Bach slide, than my usual one.)

“Blue Bossa”, “Superstition”, “You Are My Sunshine”, “Old Devil Moon”, “Stereogram No. 6”, “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, “Senor Blues”, “Summertime”

Yes! Of course he does! Yes, Our favorite Beatle, well Tom & Me, we’re never sure about Mitch!
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