DUO BRUBECK, Featuring Mitch Farber Joins DUO BRUBECK Featuring Tom Lippincott

DUO BRUBECK’S recent concert performance at Arts & Letters Day on April 1st was another success! A blissful evening of jazz surrounded by oak trees and orchids in bloom accompanied by bird song greeted the crowd of listeners. The duo, featuring Tom Lippincott, was asked to return next year-immediately following the concert!

Demand for the group has exceeded the availability of Mr. Lippincott, who plans to continue withphoto-50 the group. In order to meet the demand for additional performance obligations, Brubeck has sought the asistance of another Miami guitar legend and long time friend-Mitch Farber.

“I am very excited about the prospect of working with Mitch and his vibrant skill set. We will be covering a portion of the same literature but focusing on new arrangements and compositions which bring to best advantage Mitch’s many gifts. Tom and I are delighted to welcome him to the group”, cites David Brubeck, bass trombonist and leader of DUO BRUBECK.

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