World Premiere, Elizabeth Raum’s “Four Elements” transcribed for Brass Duo; Pluus “Invention No. 6” and Faure’s “Pavane” by the Brubeck-Neal Duo and Elizabeth Raum’s “Concerto for Bass Trombone” Performed with Piano Accompaniment

Unearthed this Faculty Brass Recital from the Kendall Campus of Miami Dade College, featuring The Brubeck Neal Duo in a World Premiere Transcription of Elizabeth Raum’s “Four Elements for Brass Duo”, and in performance with pianist extraordinaire Bronwen Rutter in a version of a piano trio where trumpet and bass trombone take the place of violin and ‘cello. (One wonders if the Raum Concerto had been performed in a duo setting ever before as well…)

Other highlights include Brian Neal’s Duo Concertante No. 3, and performances by tubist Calvin Jenkins and hornist Audrey Destito.

Four Elements courtesy of

0:10-6:25 “Pavane” by Gabriel Faure for for Brass-Piano Trio, Bronwen Rutter and the Brubeck-Neal Duo

8:35 “Invention No. 6” from Two Part Inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Brubeck-Neal Duo

12:00 “The Four Elements” by Elizabeth Raum in a world premiere performance of the transcription for brass duo-the original setting was for violin and trombone. I. Water II. Earth III. Air IV. Fire as premiered by the Brubeck-Neal Duo

22:35 “Vocalise” by Sergei Rachmaninoff transcription performed by Calvin Jenkins tuba with Bronwen Rutter, piano.

26:50 “Laudatio for Solo Horn”by Bernhard Krol performed by Audrey Destito on unaccompanied horn

33:00 “Concerto for Bass Trombone” by Elizabeth Raum, believed to be the world premiere performance for solo bass trombone with piano.

42:30 J. S. Bach’s “Ich hatte viel Bekummenrnis”, BWV 21

46:00 “Duo Concertante No. 3” for Trumpet and Organ, by Brian Neal

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To purchase “The Four Elements”, by Elizabeth Raum:

To purchase “Concerto for Bass Trombone”, by Elizabeth Raum with STRINGS AND PERCUSSION

To purchase “Concerto for Bass Trombone”, by Elizabeth Raum withWOODWINDS & BRASS-RECOMMENDED
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