The 19th International Euphonium & Tuba Festival Welcomes……A Bass Trombonist?

Loved a recent trip to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia to IETF 2022; I only wish it were longer. Wonderful performances by many including David Childs, ​Alison Mahovsky and James Gourlay, and nice memories hanging out with the amazing faculty including Warren Deck and Adam Frey.

2022 International Euphonium & Tuba Festival Backstage with Oystein Baadsvik & David Brubeck
2022 International Euphonium & Tuba Conference: David Brubeck Masterclass on Brass Diagnostics

The Diagnostic Masterclass I gave seemed to have just about all the students attending and lasted for an extra 30 minutes, an hour and a half. It was a pleasure to apply Jacobs “Wind & Song”, Frank Crisafulli & Shinichi Suzuki’s “Isolation of Elements”, and my own “Relaxation & Resonance” concepts with so many students facing challenges on the horn. I think we solved a great deal of brass playing issues and had a great time. It was nice to provide a forum for the students who needed a bit of help. Thank you to all the participants and for the wonderful audience.

David & Miya at 2022 International Euphonium and Tuba Festival

I continue to be the MOST SPOILED bass trombonist on the planet when it comes to amazing pianists! I am also amongst the most grateful for the talented pianists at my side including my new friend Miya! She is a fantastic person and musician. I remember Bronwen Rutter, Linda Byrd, Carol Beilke, Nancy Cimino, and so many others; many thanks! We played Chopin’s Cello Sonata movements ii & iii, and I might have snuck in Stereogram No. 11….possibly.

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