Funk for Fred…


Fred who? If you have to ask, then you might not be a fan of Funk, certainly not of Funk Trombone. One of the greatest trombonists of the 20th century is Fred Wesley-music director and trombonist for James Brown, Solo Artist and Funk Trombone Pioneer.. …Fred made the trombone not only relevant in Funk, but ESSENTIAL!

Here’s our tribute from Duo Brubeck. It may sound a little brighter than usual-playing my small bass bone here, an original Williams 10 that was given to me by my friend Fred Carter. Fred was a trombonist from Oklahoma who was perhaps the only human being to have been a regular member of BOTH Duke Ellington’s Band and Stan Kenton’s Orchestra-now THAT is versatility!

Thanks to my friend and excellent musician Bobby Keating for inviting us to his school.

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Photo courtesy of the Irish Times IrishTimes.Com

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