Duo Brass, Featuring Marc Reese, Perform J. S. Bach “Goldberg Variations”

Duo Brass Featuring Marc Rees, Trumpet & David Brubeck, Bass Trombone

What pleasure to have friends as talented as the incredible Marc Reese! Marc elevates any musical situation with his talent, generous humanity and wry humor. This recording was taken from our rehearsal.

I first became aware of the potential of a classical duo without piano when I heard a violin & cello duo. The sound was full and satisfying, and perfect for the room!

I searched for duos and found few for a treble/bass combination. With the help of trumpeter Brian Neal, we were able to assemble 10 concert-proven duos that are adaptable to almost any single treble clef woodwind, string or brass in conjunction with a bass clef instrument. Someone is running late? These are gig savers!

Thanks to Gordon Cherry of Cherry Classics for publishing these duos, and to Dr. Steve Quinzi for processing my humble files.

c. 2021 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved

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