davidbrubeck.com Launches New Series-“Did We Miss Something?” tm, No. 1 “Lone Flautist Under a Tree”-An Anonymous Art Work of an Ancient Egyptian.

The title alone is most curious-“Lone Falutist Under a Tree”, and yet there are seemingly two male images under a very shortened representation of a tree. Why not, “Two Men Under a Tree”? There is a monkey as well, the Darwinist might ask, why not “Two-and-a-Half Men”?

The shape of the tree is rather shortened, truncated, if you will, almost to the shape of a bush, nearly as wide as it is tall with two seemingly balanced iterations of leaves and branches on the left and the right.


It is very curious indeed!

“Lone Flautist Under a Tree” is identified as ‘Relief in Theban Tomb No. 69 of Menna’; ’18th Dynasty’, from page 22, “Music and Musicians in Ancient Egypt”.

The accomplishments of the Ancient Egyptians were vast and impressive. Ancient Egypt was well-connected to the internet of the day-sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, and was one of the earliest civilizations to master not only agriculture but irrigation, along with early Sumerians.

While some marvel at the accomplishments of the Ancient Egyptians and even attribute them to aliens, others recognize a vast and long civilization which was dominant for hundreds and/or thousands of years who may have had the benefit of at least six or seven Leonardo da Vinci level intellects such as Imhotep and Joseph. It is interesting to note that few raise the question as to whether aliens helped the Ancient Greeks erect the Parthenon or Ancient Romans the Pantheon.

[One simple explanation for the method used to erect the Pyramids was demonstrated by Ron Wyatt. Wyatt’s demonstration was confirmed as suitable by The Egyptian Director of Antiquities, Nassif Hassan, and supported both by archeological evidence and hieroglyphic record. Watch more: Constructing the Pyramids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfKb9DOHYGE ]

What if the title was apt, and we are looking at the same person, under the same tree, at two different times-simultaneously?

In fact, imagine that the conveniently shaped and symmetrical tree represents the brain-look, I see it representing two brain hemispheres as well! Left and right.

‘Relief in Theban Tomb No. 69 of Menna’; ’18th Dynasty’,

The male figure on the left is dressed plainly, overweight, without eye makeup and slumped over in an emotional state which may leave the impression of anything from boredom and disinterest to depression. The slumped frame of the image of the man on the left leans on itself, as though even sitting is a bother. And look! His stool is lower as well-does this represent a lower order of thought? This seems to me to be the ‘before’ image on the left, or at least the ‘without’ image.

TOUR Tomb of Menna (TT69) in the Theban Necropolis, CLICK HERE!

The second image of the lone flautist on the right, is what I believe to be the same individual at a different time or a metaphor for the mind. Note that the flautist is on a higher level bench-possibly symbolizing higher level thought. With the addition of the flute and the mental activity of MUSIC, the empty tree limbs of thought are now vigorously inhabited and worked as though by a monkey in motion. (Is it a headless, poetic, almost abstract depiction of a monkey, which communicated the essence of a monkey through body and dark limbs alone? Or merely a bag or a convenient ambiguity?)

Perhaps the music has afforded an additional improvement in mood, mental refinement, attention to detail and/or a purpose-whether for the afternoon or for a lifetime. The posture of the male figure on the right, musical hemisphere is erect and seemingly slimmer! The hair ‘now’ neatly arranged and well-cut, the eye is adorned with makeup and the figure’s attire is patterned and at least of greater interest, if not reflective of the greater symbology of the active brain. Is this the ‘after’ image?


Has this Egyptian artist embodied both hemispheres of mind, different states of mental activity/health and two versions of self at different times? Has an Ancient Egyptian artist entered the fourth dimension of time? Or was it just aliens…

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It seems that genius, astrophysicist Hugh Ross has calculated all the probabilities necessary for life to be present on our planet Earth or even another planet. Each time you add another variable, the event becomes less likely. SPOILER: It is not looking good for the aliens…..


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SOURCE OF IMAGE: Lisa Manniche is the author of “Music and Musicians in Ancient Egypt” ISBN 0-7141-0949-5 which she copyrighted in 1991 and had published by the British Museum Press.

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