Brass Miami Unearthed

Perhaps from a recording LIVE at the Biltmore Hotel

Remember the Large Brass Ensemble of Phillip Jones or even the great recordings featuring symphonic brass from several orchestras? Founded and led by Brian Neal-Trumpet, and later assistant directed by David Brubeck-Bass Trombone, Brass Miami was set in the large brass ensemble mold. This group featured Brubeck Neal Duo at the center with another core of players from the Naples Philharmonic often including Matthew Sonneborn on Trumpet and Aaron McAlla on Tuba plus another core of once and future quintet greats: Marc Reese of the Empire Brass and Domingo Pagliuca and Jose Sibaja of the Boston Brass. The brass octet of 4 trumpets and 3 trombones with tuba and percussion was then completed with talented locals from Miami and Naples- I remember John Kricker, David Dash, Mike Zion and Jeff Kaye.

I received a CD marked best takes YEARS ago, and have FINALLY narrowed it down. We hope that this evokes good memories, brings you joy and lightens your day!.

This is LIVE!

This is the recording

Track 1….

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

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As a Junior College Professor, I do not have graduate assistants, though many undergrads and former students come in and help me out from time to time. Special thanks to Adrian Gutierrez, Jr.

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