Stereograms N-Z Are Nearly Ready to Publish!

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues! is please to continue our tradition of FREE MUSIC for Thanksgiving.

We are grateful indeed! We are counting our blessings! We are naming them, one by one!

YOU are one! Thank you.

Please accept access to this solo with our gratitude for you.

By the way!! This is just page one of two pages for Stereogram ‘N’, It’s about to go into

MIXED METER HAT DANCE!!! (Sound like a ride at the great Universal Studios!)

Stereogram Rhythmic Etudes N-Z are almost ready to publish!

The Advanced Stereograms are NUMBERED:

Originals Nos. 1-20, Volume I “Three Smooth Stones”,

Nos. 21-30 Volume II “Everglades”,

and many Originals & Arrangements Nos. 31-

The Intermediate Stereograms are LETTERED:

Rhythmic Etudes for Bass Clef Instruments A-M, Volume I

Rhythmic Etudes for Bass Clef Instruments N-Z, Volume II

c. 2012 & 2022 David Brubeck All Rights Reserved.

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