Solo Bass Trombone Part, “Four Pieces for Bass Trombone and Woodwind Quintet” by Charles J. Campbell (CJC)


Please enjoy this wonderful composition. We at look forward to reading a dissertation some day on “The Compositions for Trombone of Charles J. Campbell”.

Sorry for the delay with the solo part-it should have been published first. Oh well, better late than never!

Memory fails us! We do not remember if either Todd Murphy, for whom the piece was written, or David Brubeck premiered this composition. It certainly looks practiced.

Notes for bass trombonists:

‘T’ is David Brubeck’s indication for F-Attachment alone

‘F’ is David brubeck’s indication for Gb-attachment alone

When these two symbols overlap, it indicates the activation of both ‘F’ and ‘Gb’ independent valves, resulting in ‘D’.

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