Dr. CHARLES CAMPBELL’S “Four Pieces for Solo Bass Trombone and Woodwind Quintet”, FREE Parts For Flute, Bassoon & French Horn

Three published world premiere recordings for bass trombone? Cool! All the parts, (free!), for a ground breaking trombone quartet featuring bass trombone PLUS a recording? Unbelievable! But wait, there is more….How about FREE music for a four movement bass trombone solo with Woodwind Quintet Accompaniment? As “The Great One” might have once said in Miami Beach….AND AWAY WE GO…..

In a certain sense, outside of jazz, there have been very few (if any), brass soloists who have risen to the level of the great piano, violin and cello soloists of classical music. An exception is Maurice Andre, and his successful recordings and appearances before major orchestras. While a handful or two of wonderful euphonium and tuba soloists have achieved similar result in front of wind ensembles, it is really Rolf Smedvig, of the Empire Brass, who made an alternate path as a brass soloist, this time accompanied by brass quintet. In this achievement, Smedvig is unsurpassed.

The path he made clear, was also embraced by Nelson Riddle’s Composition for George Roberts featuring bass trombone in a brass quintet setting.

Another guide stone are these works by Charles J. Campbell. The bass trombone is featured in three different chamber setting: a trombone quartet, in solo with woodwind quintet and in solo with string quartet.

While this piece was written with Todd Murphy in mind, and the other two with me in mind, the subtext is clear: Dave Taylor had elevated the world of the bass trombone soloist in classical music to a nearly unprecedented level. Perhaps he would even consider these…

www.davidbrubeck.com is pleased to present the flute, French horn and bassoon parts for this work. More to come! As we prepare the oboe, clarinet and solo bass trombone parts as well. It is unknown if this work has yet to be premiered. Please contact me if you are interested in doing so.


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