Brubeck 25 Page Pre-Elementary Method for Trumpet, 5-Minute Lessons for Trumpet Published by Cherry Classics!CC2881_large

Don’t start brass at level 1, start a level ZERO!

Why a pre-elementary book and not a standard elementary book?
Almost every OTHER beginning method book is written for BAND, NOT BRASS!

The first few notes matter.

Most methods starting notes for brass are too low, some are even too high, but 5-Minute Lessons have it just right. By choosing a band-based method, which essentially caters to woodwinds, the results for young brass players can be less than optimal, and sometimes downright disastrous, creating inferior embouchures and habits which can last a lifetime. Our advice? Start Here…

Purchase 5-Minute Lessons by David Brubeck from Cherry Classics.

David Brubeck’s pre-elementary method for trumpet is written for young brass players by a great brass player. It has been presented at the International Trumpet Conference and featured in the Journal of The International Trumpet Guild. Whether you are heading for “Essential Elements”, “Standard In Excellence”, “Yamaha Band Student”, or even “Rubank’s Elementary Method”, start your your journey here!

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This 25 Page Method, includes six Pages of Fundamentals-(The ABC Preludes), 12 Lessons (5-Minute Lessons), AND additional pages of tunes, rhythms, scales, and even sight-reading all geared for the stone-cold, absolute beginner.

CC2881_largeBrubeck is perhaps the only musician to be featured as a soloist at the international conferences of the trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and tuba festivals! He graduated with distinction from Northwestern University where he received training from some of the foremost brass players in the Chicago Symphony, and was the first college musician named by Disney as a three-time All-American. A professional trombonist who performs regularly with the Miami City Ballet Orchestra, Brubeck has performed with the likes of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and The Four Tops. Brubeck also has a lifetime of experience teaching young musicians at advanced levels having conducted the Florida Youth Orchestra and Greater Miami Youth Symphony for more than 25 years, and having studied with many of the finest music educators in the world such as Bennett Reimer and Arnold Jacobs. At the time of this writing, Brubeck has two former trumpet students on scholarship at the United States of America’s National School of the Arts-Interlochen Arts Academy, and two former students playing the Tommy Dorsey Chair in the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, just to mention a few..

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REVIEWED! DUO BRASS Recital at the 40th Anniversary Conference of the International Trumpet Guild, Reviewed By ITG Journal

“Brubeck played bass trombone throughout the recital, alongside an all-star cast of trumpeters that included Marc Reese, Craig Morris, Peter Wood, and Jason Carder. The recital featured a wide variety of music, including works by Bach, Beethoven, Dowland, and Gliere, as well as a commission by Ney Rosauro for Brubeck and Morris. Brubeck also arranged jazz charts by Chick Corea and Horace Silver, which further highlighted the power of this duo combination. Brubeck writes opportunities for each player to be the soloist, to accompany, to weave in and out of the melodic texture, and to play as an equal duo member, thus making his music exciting to listen to and play. The recital was a true exhibit of artistry and style by the whole cast of players.” (RG)

The 5-Minute Lessons for Trumpet were first mentioned at this conference, which resulted in an article about the method in the Journal of the ITG

Article Featuring The Brubeck Pre-Elementary 5-Minute Lessons:
Reprints from the International Trumpet Guild® Journal to promote communications among trumpet players around the world and to improve the artistic level of performance, teaching, and literature associated with the trumpet
March 2016 • Page 42

c. 2016 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved.

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