Free Introductory Stereograms A-M to Schools

A-M 1

Thanks to a generous grant from the Arts in Medicine Program of The Cleveland Clinic-Florida and anonymous donors, The Rutter Chamber Music Initiative has been able to provide free volumes of Introductory Stereograms A-M to students in South Florida High Schools. Fifteen copies of Stereograms A-M have been given away thus far, with another 25 slated for future give-aways.

The lettered Stereograms A-M, contain 13 original arrangements of traditional themes like “Just a Closer Walk”, “When The Saints Go Marching In”, and even “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which have been recast as Stereograms. The musical application of the term Stereogram refers to playing two or three parts within a single melodic line. Each theme is presented simply, then ‘rhythmatized’ to a contemporary groove such reggae, salsa, swing or blues. Next, self accompaniment is added, and the level of complexity rises from easy intermediate to advanced intermediate throughout the course of the book.

Created out of a desire to provide stimulating material for often IMG_6719overlooked instruments, these Introductory Stereograms A-M have been specially edited to be playable on ANY bass clef instrument such as: tenor trombone, cello, tuba, bassoon, euphonium, baritone, bass trombone, string bass, or baritone.

These Stereograms were made available to the Rutter Chamber initiative at a reduced price by Gordon Cherry, publisher of the works, and are available for purchase through Cherry Classics at:

Read a review of the etudes by Joshua Hauser, Professor of Trombone atA-M 2 Tennessee Tech University:
“David William Brubeck’s Stereograms A-M represent a wonderful approach to examining Theme and Variations for younger musicians. By using ‘standard’ melodies, he presents each tune in a form that both the performer and audience can recognize easily before launching into a variation that puts a twist on the melody while still allowing us to sing along in our heads. So often when working with students on variation forms, we have to remind them to find the melody within the more technical passages. By using an embedded bass line as the main thrust of the variations, Brubeck’s Stereograms both allow the melody to be heard throughout and also serve to introduce students to different grooves and rhythmic patterns. I really enjoy practicing and performing both these and the more advanced Stereograms. Bravo!”

Tubist and Los Angeles Studio musician, Beth Mitchell and Euphonium virtuoso Patrick Nyren will each be performing one of these Introductory Stereograms at the 30th International Tuba and Euphonium Conference at Indiana University on Saturday May 24th at 1:45 pm. Mitchell has selected the reggae treatment of “Itsy Bitsy spider” while Nyren will render “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” which initially takes the form of slow drag, and is then transformed into a New Olreans style “second-line” up tempo swing.

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