United States Premiere of Concerto for Bass Trombone by Elizabeth Raum

Elizabeth Raum’s Concerto for Bass Trombone is set to take center stage on Saturdaybetsy the 16th of November, as The Greater Miami Symphonic Band (GMSB) presents its United States premiere. The program is scheduled for 8:00 pm in Gusman Concert Hall on the Coral Gables Campus of the University of Miami. The GMSB, under the baton of Robert Longfield, will perform the work alongside bass trombone soloist, David William Brubeck. Brubeck is a sponsored artist for BAC Custom horns at www.BACmusic.com

“Along with Canticles by Johan de Meij, I believe Elizabeth Raum’s Concerto to be the future standard for collegiate and young professional bass trombonists,” cites Brubeck. “It is accesible, and demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the bass trombone using its many colors and capabilities to their full advantage. The accompaniment paints varied tonal and appealing vistas which seduce the listener, as the protaganistic theme is tempered by tumult, temptation and finally redemption.” The piece is comprised of the traditional three movements; the first movement is dramatic and expository, the second wonderfully intimate and tender, and the third (in three-four time), is an exhilarating tango!

‘Barnaby Kerekes premiered the bass trombone concerto on March 28, 2009 with the Brampton Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Raines.’ According to the composer, this is the first performance of either version of the concerto (which she has scored with orchestra or wind ensemble accompaniment), to be performed in the United States.

All tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for students, available in advance at www.GMSB.org or at the Gusman Concert Hall Box Office one hour prior to the performance.

Contact: Rayna Davis; Cell Phone: 305.632.0497; Email: rayna.gmsb@gmail.com

Elizabeth Raum’s Concerto for Bass trombone is published by Cherry Classics and may be purchased with piano, wind ensemble, or string orchestra accompaniment. Ms. Raum’s works may be found at: http://www.cherryclassics.com/cherry/raum-elizabeth-m-81.html

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