Stereograms Performed by BSO Bass Trombonist James Markey, and Recorded by Joshua Hauser, Trombone Professor of Tennessee Technological University

James Markey presented Stereograms Nos. 6, 19 and 7 in recital on the 18th and 19th of February as part of the University of Alabama Guest Artist Series. The newly appointed bass trombonist of the Boston Symphony, Markey, performed a suite of three stereograms which was very well received by the audience in attendance.

edge [ej] Joshua Hauser,  tenor and bass trombones Eric Willie, Percussion

edge [ej] Joshua Hauser, Tenor and Bass Trombones Eric Willie, Percussion

The first Stereogram, No. 6, is dedicated to Luis Satterfield and is evocative of the style of the band Earth Wind & Fire. The middle movement, dedicated to the great sideman of Duke Ellington-Laurence Brown, casts a mournful and cathartic mood: the last selection, dedicated to David Taylor, virtuosically celebrates Taylor’s influential stint in the Bob Mintzer Band. ‘Stereograms’ are rhythmic concert etudes for solo bass trombone which feature two or three parts within a single melodic line.

Tenor and Bass Trombonist Joshua Hauser and Percussionist Eric Willie have just released a bold and visionary album of music which celebrates their unusual duo. Their album, ‘edge [ej]’, features an inspired collection of duos lovingly assembled and performed by the dynamic pair. Some of the compositions were written with Hauser and Willie in mind, and they have made each of the others their own as well.

Stereogram No. 11, Miami, is included on ‘edge [ej]’ and given a delightful rendition by Hauser. ‘Miami’ is wonderfully complimented by the accompaniment which was skillfully arranged and executed by Willie. Both are Professors of Music at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN. c 2013 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved.

Stereograms are available from Hickey’s music and other fine retailers.

Stereograms Not. 1-20, Advanced-Intermediate Original Compositions for bass trombone/bass clef instruments

Stereograms Nos. 21-30, Advanced-Intermediate Original Compositions for bass trombone/bass clef instruments

Stereograms A-M, Beginner-Intermediate Arrangements for bass trombone/bass clef instruments

11 Stereogram BBone page 111 Stereogram BBone page 2

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