The Best Musicians I Have Performed With #2: “Bossa Combo et Raymond Cajuste”!

Around 1990, I had the pleasure of performing with a wonderful horn line as part of Raymond Cajuste’s Bossa Comba. It seemed that the whole band made it to the concert in Miami, except the trombonist-who may have been ill at the time. I was very fortunate to have been asked to fill in. I was even more surprised when I found that they were playing on the South Side of Chicago the following week, just before Christmas, and that I would be home in Illinois to perform with them a second time. The horn section I recall was one trumpet, or two and two saxophones plus myself.

The closest I had lived to Chicago was a half block North of Howard Street , in Evanston. The South Side was the subject of the imagination for me and a mixture of impressions I had garnered from Jim Croce Songs, The University of Chicago and tales of Elliot Ness, and on one cold winter night, rhe tale of a young trombonist newly transplanted to Miami. I remember being very cold and shivering without a sweater. Without hesitation, the big burly Haitian trumpet player literally loaned me the sweater of his back! (I was rather thin in those days!). I had just acquired a diesel van, and had to take every opportunity to start it up on our breaks, lest I become stranded at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Headquarters on the South Side a day or two before Christmas.

I recall beautiful music and even more beautiful people. Since then, I felt that of all the people I have met in my lifetime, those from Haiti were the nicest. I also recalled the moment, about an hour or so into the gig, it suddenly occurred to me that I might be the only blonde for miles around-certainly at the concert! And then we just played some more and more. I was sorry to discover that Monsieur Cajuste passed away last year, and am grateful to have performed with him and his wonderful band.

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