AHH, VENICE! No. 1 “L’ Arefia” by Giovanni Cavaccio FREE BRASS QUARTET, transcribed by Dr. Charles J. Campbell

Welcome to the greatest outpost of Constantinople’s New Roman/Byzantine Empire and her eventual conquereror VENICE! This amazing “VENETIAN SCHOOL” is of equal importance to instrumentalists as “The Notre Dame School” of Medieval Paris, France is to vocalists! It was religiously inclusive and ultimately influenced all of germanic instrumental music through the person of Heinrich Schutz-one of three Protestant musicians to be canonized as a saint, alongside J. S. Bach and George Frederic Handel.

Dr. Charles Campbell, visited Venice and transcribed numerous works for brass which were left to his assistant, David Brubeck. We honor Dr. Campbell’s legacy here, with the publication of what is hopefully just the first of many Venetian compositions to follow. All free-of-charge.

CONSTANTINOPLE??? Both Christian AND Roman, Constantinople.(or New Rome), stood until 1453-1458 AD! It was heralded as the “eye of the world” in ancient times, and its Orthodox Christian Basilica, “The Sancta Sophia” or “Hagia Sophia” (the largest building in the world at the time), was considered to be “heaven-on-earth”.

Constantinople was originally named “New Rome” until its inhabitants protested their love for the Roman Emperor Constatine who had founded it in 330 AD and insisted it be named after him. This more than ONE-THOUSAND-YEAR CHRISTIAN EMPIRE is often obscured from history by using multiple names including its pre-Roman, Greek name, Byzantium, when it was a minor outpost of the Ancient Greek Empire often vacillating between support for Athens and Sparta. Constantinople, also called the Eastern Roman Empire, eventually fostered economic, cultural and religious ties with Northern Italy, Dalmatia, throughout the Mediterranean and Asia. The architecture, art and conception of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice is clearly from Orthodox Christian Constantinople, and not Catholic Rome.

Soli Deo Gloria

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