Trombone Quartet by Dr. Charles J. Campbell

It is such a delight to be able to present the music of our beloved teacher, Dr. Charles J. Campbell who was also a notated trombonist and composer.

This is the first of three pieces featuring bass trombone Dr. Campbell Wrote in the early 1990’s. This and a solo for bass trombone with string quartet, he wrote with me in mind.

Another piece for bass trombone and Woodwind Quintet, he wrote with Todd Murphy in mind.

We hope to present as much of his music as we are able, all free of charge, as a public service to enrich and beautify the world.

Special thanks to Steve Saunders, who found the recording for me. Regrettably, I cannot be sure who played on this for the moment. I know that I played bass trombone. The others trombonists may have included Domingo Pagliuca, Steve Saunders (our trombone trio rehearsed for two hours almost every day at the University of Miami for two years), in addition to John Kricker and/or Albert Perez.

Thank you, Dr. Campbell!

      1. 05 Campbell Tbn. Qt. I
Charles Campbell Trombone Quartet

Trombone Quartet by Charles Campbell is c. 2021 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved

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