Natural Immunity or Vaccine, Which Is Stronger?

The workers on the front line. First responders, teachers, nurses, truck drivers, delivery people and almost anyone who worked with the public. Many kept our society going at the risk of their own personal health and did jobs that simply could not be “done without” or transferred online.

Many of these heroes caught Covid and survived it. Now armed with with Natural Immunity to Covid, do they NEED a Vaccine? Is their Natural Immunity Better? If so, how much better? Could a Covid Vaccine Actually be more likely to HARM them while offering little to no benefits?

Texas Senate Covid Testimony: People with Natural Immunity Don’t Need and Should Not Have a Vaccine

15 Studies That Indicate Natural Immunity From Prior Infection is More Robust Than the Covid Vaccines

[FROM THE HILL] Kim Iversen: BOMBSHELL Report Suggests Natural Immunity Triggers Better Response Against Covid

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