“Sliver of Moon” for Solo Guitar, by David William Brubeck

The moon!

It fuels our imagination, illuminates our nights, and beckons us into space!

It pulls the tides and the heart, summoning the wind of both.

As the moon waxes and wanes, it seems that it is almost always the full moon that inspires song.

But what about the sliver of moon?

It could be the last gasp of a waning moon that dissolves into a darker night. The end of something beautiful. The final cry of hope and light. Endings.


It could be the optimistic bud of the waxing moon. The first dawn of light which promises so much more. Hope. Beginnings.

These are the slivers of moon I have written for. You might even think you have found one, and end up with the other. Longing. Unrequited. Requited. Real. Imagined. Ambiguous.

It is one of the most balanced and satisfying pieces I have written. It is both longing and hopeful, and written in a Romantic style with more traditional harmony and alluring rhythms.

If you have a friend who is an intermediate to early advanced guitar player, please feel free to share this with them.

I hope that it brings some joy..

All the best!

“Sliver of Moon” for solo guitar, page 1of 2. c. 1996 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved
Sliver of Moon-page 2 of 2, for Solo Guitar. c. 1996 David William Brubeck All Rights Reserved

C. 2021 David William Brubeck ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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