Piazzolla’s “OBLIVION” PIANO TRIO FOR THE BAND WORLD! Presented by trOmBOnE-Duo Winds

Dear friends and colleagues,

This REALLY works! or piano trio with Oboe, Bass Trombone & Piano. This is take two, from a rehearsal. Please share this with all the BAND, WOODWIND & BRASS players you are able.

      1. DUO WINDS Oblivion 2
      2. DUO WINDS Oblivion 2

Other friends and colleagues have enjoyed success with different combinations of woodwind, brass and piano. Find some friends you love to make music with and try out a combination!

This recording of “Oblivion” features oboist Dr. Erin Gittelsohn, pianist Bronwen Rutter, and bass trombonist Dr. David Brubeck.

This is dedicated to my dear, sweet and loving dad, James Brubeck. He is my hero and was my biggest fan.

Piano trio is a traditional chamber music group which features arguably the three greatest solo instruments in classical music: Piano, Violin & ‘cello. From the perspective of a quartet/quintet player it can seem a bit more exposed. All three instruments are equal soloists and there is no where to hide.

Miami City Ballet

On the other hand, if one is accustomed to performing as a soloist with or without piano accompaniment, then the trio is beautiful collaboration with great opportunities for musical interactions and appreciation of other players. From the soloist to the trio, you retain your solo status and gain more musical possibilities and camaraderie.

Bronwen Rutter, Piano Rutter-Brubeck Duo

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