Roland Szentpali

Lightning is a force of nature. Powerful. Incendiary. Blazing into the future. Sonorously twined with thunder. The connective tissue of heaven and earth; shaking both. Roland Szentpali is a four-valved bolt of lightning from one century to anther. The “Fourth Valve” hopes you find illumination and are re-charged by the electrifying Roland Szentpali. Enjoy!

1. How did you meet the saxhorn, and was it a good thing or a bad thing?
I started to do research on the previous instruments which led to the tuba; this is how I met first the French Tubás, including saxhorn. It is a great instrument!

2. What are your three favorite cities, and why?
Budapest, because of its compact size and architecture. The colorful culture and the nightlife.

Bologna, because of the architecture and the culinary arts.

Luzern, because it’s just simply beautiful

3. What does it take to make it through your warm up, and how has it changed since college?
I didn’t do a daily warm up, every day is different.

4. Developing taste, feel, expression. How do you gain it and impart it? Does technique sometimes get in the way?
I try to learn as much as possible and experience as much as possible.

This refines my taste.

5. How do you go about selecting literature? How much is about you, the music or the audience? Balance? If I choose a piece, I am sure I can make it interesting for my audience.

6. How does the 21st century look for acoustic musicians from your vantage point?
Its a good question! : )

It depends on contemporary music.

If contemporary music can find its audience instead of being selfish, we can have a brighter future as a classical acoustic musicians.

7. How did you get started in music and who has inspired you?
I was 12, and I was struck by lightning! ; )

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