Kendall Campus Trombone Alum, Alex Cruz and Band “Bachaco” Win “Buscando Mi Ritmo”, A Spanish Language Show Inspired by American Idol..Alex Cruz

Imagine the headline, “Trombonist wins X-Factor!”, or even, American Idol! Trombonist Alex Cruz and his bandmates in Bachaco have done it, in Spanish! “Buscando mi Ritmo” seelcted Bachaco from a nationwide tour hosted by Telemundo, and they made it to the top! Kendall Campus trombone alum, Alex Cruz, plays trombone, writes horn arrangements, sings background vocals, writes some tunes, and helps to lead the band which is currently touring across the United States and the World.

1. How did you guys find out about Buscando Mi Ritmo? How many bands were considered?
We found out about Buscando Mi Ritmo at the last minute through a friend. It was a national audition, I know that there was a lot of bands that auditioned in Los Angeles and Miami.

Bachaco2. What was it like to be part of a reality television show?
To be a part of a reality show was a unique experience. I had never been on a reality tv show. I scratched that off the bucket list. At the time, I was enrolled full-time in school. It was a challenge to juggle both at the same time. I was happy with the effort that we had all put in with the show.

Bru bachaco 881263. How did the band change as a result of the experience?
Bachaco as a band, and myself personally, certainly felt a lot of pressure to come out on top. We had late nights at the studio to make sure our renditions of the songs fit our style of music which is a blend of Reggae, Dancehall, Cumbia, and Ska. Week after week, we grew very comfortable with what we recreated. We were excited and proud to be the winners of season one.

4. What helped you be ready and prepared for that opportunity?
It was a last minute audition for Bachaco. I was called 2 hours before the audition and we had to think on our feet. We had recently wrote a new song that we decided to debut through the audition. I was very happy that we were selected. Ultimately, always be ready for any opportunity that comes your way. In this case, I was more than ready to showcase what I could do individually and what we can do as a band.

5. How do you view the role of horns in pop music, and the trombone specifically?
Horns give such an edge and feel to pop music. I’ve had numerous people tell me that the horns make the band. I agree. We are normally a 3 horn section with a trumpet, tenor sax, and myself on trombone. The show asked for one horn only and a max of 5 musicians. We are a 7 piece band with the 3 horns included. I was lucky to be the one representing the band. The trombone doesn’t have such a strong use when it comes to pop music, although it is huge in Salsa! I’m happy to play my trombone in any genre.

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