DUO BRASS tm, Performs at 40th Anniversary of International Trumpet Guild Festival

DUO BRASS-JAZZ! Jason Carder & David Brubeck

Jason Carder &
David Brubeck

DUO BRASS celebrates the art of the brass duo in performance at the Hyatt Regency hotel, Delaware Room, at 11:15 am on Wednesday the 27th of May. An all-star trumpet panel of the finest classical and jazz artists available on the instrument have assembled to promote and celebrate the fledgling genre of brass duo for trumpet and trombone.

Chamber music sensation, Marc Reese, with lend his talents to interpretations of Simple Gifts and the Aria from Goldberg variations by J.S. Bach.

Trailblazing soloist and orchestral titan, Craig Morris is scheduled to premiere the trumpet and trombone version of A Postcard from Rio, by fellow University of Miami faculty member Ney Rosauro, as well as an emotion laden treatment of a Berceuse by Gliere.

Exciting performer and exceptional scholar Peter Wood has selected to perform brass duo versions of a Bach Invention, Beethoven’s Fur Elise, and Flow My Tears-a song by John Dowland.

Jazz phenom Jason Carder will round out the fantastic feast of virtuosity with jazz brass duo treatments of Corea’s Sea Journey and Silva’s Senor Blues!

TROMBA-The Ultimat Plastic Instruments, will be on hand to present one audience member with a free TROMBA Plastic Trumpet, and Gordon Cherry, of Cherry Classics Publications, has provided two free copies of 10 Duos for Trumpet and Trombone to be given away to two audience members. Each trumpeter will be accompanied by the innovative bass trombonist and composer of Stereograms, David William Brubeck.

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