“ANAGLYPH” tm No. 1-Free Recital Piece for Bass and Tenor Trombone, Might Make You Smile!

An anaglyph is a stereo gram like image which relies on two different colors (e.g. red and green), or in this case timbres. Featuring the instrumental tone colors of tenor and bass trombone, this is a tongue-in-cheek contribution to undergraduate recitals everywhere!

I had tried this concept with Charley Harrison in 1989, but our performance fell through. Later the idea was premiered with the now famous guitarist Jonathon Kreisberg substituting for Tom Lippincott circa 1992. But these were all “covers” of others’ originals. Thom Everett first suggested a duo based on an original Stereogram, and Josh Hauser was the first to pull it off! He and percussionist Eric Willie performed Stereogram No. 11-“Miami”. Written for my two former students Brandon and Ernie, this is the next one in the chronology.



About ten years ago, Chris Brubeck told me he could “hear” the changes for Stereogram No. 3 which I had dedicated to George Roberts. He was correct; it was originally written with guitar accompaniment, and Tom Lippincott and I only recently premiered the duo version in the Fall of 2014 alongside the new work by Federico Bonacossa-“In Principio Erat Sonus”. I think the idea is catching!

This selection is a reprint from the 2014 Journal of The International Trombone Association. Special thanks to the Journal and Editor Diane Drexler. Enjoy!

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