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We are please to announce that four videos of DUO BRUBECK have been posted on YouTube to launch our new You Tube channel: We invite you to subscribe and to register your opinions if you ‘like’ our posts. Future posts will continue to feature the jazz bass trombone and guitar duet DUO BRUBECK as well as: the nine piece virtuoso Brass Miami; the innovative trumpet and bass trombone duet videos of The Brubeck-Neal Duo; Stereograms, where The Bach Cello Suites meet the style of vocalist Bobby McFerrin; and educational videos from TROMBA-The Ultimate Plastic Trombone.

The first four DUO BRUBECK videos were captured on an iPhone 5.

DUO BRUBECK, featuring Tom Lippincott, performs “Sumertime” by George Gershwin-Live:

DUO BRUBECK is inspired by and celebrates the rich tradition of great jazz guitar and trombone duos such as Bob Brookmeyer & Jim Hall or Joe Pass & J. J. Johnson. Instead of a traditional six string guitar, featured soloist Tom Lippincott uses an eight string guitar-featuring an additional B, (a fourth below the traditional low E), and another A a fourth above the top string. A lifelong devotee of jazz improvisation, Lippincott was inspired by the piano, “Although I love the guitar, I’ve often been envious of some of the things pianists can do that guitarists cannot. In my quest to be able to play more extensive contrapuntal ideas and play chords with more notes that cover a wider range, I thought: why not have a guitar built with both?” Lippincott’s solution was to seek out an eight string guitar which has allowed him to expand the roles of the guitar to simultaneously play bass, melody, and chordal extensions.

DUO BRUBECK, featuring Tom Lippincott, performs “Sea Journey” by Chick Corea-Live:

Meanwhile, Brubeck performs on the lower pitched and darker toned bass trombone(rather than the more typical tenor trombone), which is typically melodic, or provides a rhythmic bass. Inspired to combine both melody and bass lines by alternation, Brubeck created an implied homophony reminiscent of jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin. Brubeck’s original solo compositions for bass trombone using this technique are entitled ‘Stereograms’. More than 30 have been published by the International Trombone Association, and have been performed and recorded around the world, and even been adapted for baritone saxophone and tuba.

DUO BRUBECK, featuring Tom Lippincott, performs “Just In Time” by Jule Styne-Live:

DUO BRUBECK combines both of the eight string guitar concept of Lippincott with the Stereogram concept of Brubeck to create a truly unique and seamless weave of melody, chords, and bass lines from instrument to instrument. The glistening sound of DUO BRUBECK is a fascinating and pulsating rhythmic melange of complimentary waves of sound.

DUO BRUBECK, featuring Tom Lippincott, performs “And I Love Her” by Lennon & McCartney-Live:

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Special thanks to Kristina Goldson for capturing “Sea Journey”, “And I Love Her” and “Summertime” on the iPhone.

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