Polish Translation of “The Pedagogy of Arnold Jacobs”

davidbrubeck.com Arnold Jacobs courtesy of windsongpress.comArnold Jacobs was known as an excellent performer. In his long and illustrious performing and recording career with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, with its brass quintet, and as a soloist, he touched millions of listeners over several generations. Others may have known of Mr. Jacobs chiefly through his theories on breathing and pulmonary function. To medical supply companies, professionals in medicine, and scholars alike, he was a gifted investigator and knowledgeable scientist. Despite these impressive credentials, it could be said that his greatest achievements have been through his teaching. With unparalleled success, and encompassing all types of wind instruments, Arnold Jacobs’ students have been some of the finest wind players in the world. Many attribute all or a large part of their success to Mr. Jacobs, a man many consider to have been the greatest brass teacher of all time.

We are very excited about the first translation for davidbrubeck.com, and to announce that theIMG_3499 Polish translations to parts one though five of “The Pedagogy of Arnold Jacobs” are now available. These translations reflect the lasting importance of Jacobs’ concepts and teachings. Links to both the Polish translation and the original article in English are found below.

“When David Brubeck’s ‘The Pedagogy of Arnold Jacobs’ first came out, I was at Mr. Jacobs’ home. He was very impressed about it and had me read it on the spot. As usual, Mr. Jacobs was correct, it was an outstanding article that I eventually quoted half a dozen times in ‘Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind’. David Brubeck did a fantastic job and this is a must-read for anyone interested in the teachings of Arnold Jacobs.” Brian Frederiksen

The Polish translations of “The Pedagogy of Arnold Jacobs”:

Arnold Jacobs – Polish Translation – Part 1 of 5-1

Arnold Jacobs – Polish Translation – Part 2 of 5

Arnold Jacobs – Polish Translation – Part 3 of 5

Arnold Jacobs – Polish Translation – Part 4 of 5

Arnold Jacobs – Polish Translation – Part 5 of 5

“The Pedagogy of Arnold of Jacobs” in English:






TUBA Journal Jacobs018Originally published in the TUBA Journal, Fall 1991 Volume 19, Number 1.

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