Music Theory

Course Outline and Syllabus
MUT 1001, Basic Theory and Musicianship
Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus
Text: Introductory Musicianship, by Theodore Lynn, Eighth Edition
Grading: Final grade in course will be based upon written tests, quizzes, and homework.
Credits: Three (3)
Course Description: “Basic music reading, notation, scales, intervals, triads, keys, rhythm, and meter. For students with little or no previous musical experience. Co-requisite: MUT 1003” -MDC Course Catalog
Topics and Course Objectives
Upon completion of MUT 1001 the student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following:
* The Staff and Leger Lines * ‘G’, ‘F’, and ‘C’ Clefs * Octave Registers * Note Names and Values * Compound and Simple Meter Signatures
* Diatonic and Chromatic Half Steps and Whole Steps * Accidentals
* Major Scales * Modes of the Major Scale
* Parallel and Relative Scales-Natural, Harmonic, and Melodic Minor
* Compound and Simple Intervals * Interval Inversions and Triad Inversions
* Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented Triads
Description Last Updated: 2017-4
Attendance is strongly encouraged. Student may be dropped due to excessive absence. One week’s contact time plus one hour is excessive.
Professor: Dr. David Brubeck Office Number: Room 8120-(Enter through 8117)
Telephone: 305-237-0539 Email:
Exam Dates: Set by Professor
Student may not access ANY electronic device during class.
Any student deemed disruptive by the Professor will be dismissed for that class period. Failure to leave the class within five minutes of being dismissed will result in the student being dropped from the class for the semester.
No video or audio recordings may be made of the class.
Final exam may be administered on the last day of class-student must reserve that date and time as well as the official final exam date and time.
Student may be required to attend two live performances.
Attendance is taken once-student must attend entire class period to be marked present.
Students must bring a 3 ring binder, 20 sheet protectors, and two pencils to class.
Tests or assignments may be made up only at the discretion of the instructor, if at all.
Homework must be placed on the instructor’s desk at the beginning of class it is due.
This course satisfies many of The Learning Outcomes set by MDC. They include:
1.) Communication, 2.) Quantitative Analysis, 3.) Creative/Critical Thinking and Scientific Reasoning, 4.) Information Literacy, 5.) Global, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives, 6.) Personal, Civic, and Social Responsibility, 7.) Ethical Thinking, 8.) Computer and Technology Usage, 9.) Aesthetic Appreciation 10.) Natural Systems and the Environment

Student must pass departmental final to pass course.
I have read and understand the course objectives and grading for MUT 1001.

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