Jazz Videos of Interest,

1. The history of the jazz trumpet may trace the history of jazz better than any single instrument, even the jazz piano.
Chris Botti cool salute to Miles Davis.
Clark Terry, master of swing, and, well….mumbling! Join hard-bopping straight ahead phenom Roy Hargrove.

2. James Brown “Cold Sweat” recorded in 1967

3. Motown Established by Barry Gordy 1959-

4. 1947 Dizzy Gillespie Meets Chano Pozo, Latin Jazz-Dancer’s Delight
Latin Jazz

5. 1920’s-1950’s and beyond
American Song Book

5. Brazilian Jazz“>Brazilian Jazz
1959 release of “Black Orpheus”

6. Early Jazz, First Recorded in 1917-1929

7. Big Band Swing, 1930-1945, The Greatest Breadth of Jazz’s Popularity

8. “Blue Rondo a la Turk”,West Coast and Cool, 1959-, The Height of Jazz’s Popularity
Time Magazine Cover. (#1 Single “Take Five”…)

9. Cool Miles Davis
“Kind of Blue”, Best Selling Jazz Album “All Blues” track…

10. The Big Band Singers 1945-

11. Bebop, The Guys That Stayed Home, 1939-

12. Ragtime, 1890-1915

13. Minstrel, 1840-1920

14. Classical, 1150-

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