Classical Music Videos of Interest

1. Baroque Concerto for Two Violins

2. Program Symphony

3. Romantic Character Pieces

4. Most Famous sonata ever?

5. Greatest Symphony of all time?

6. Classical Symphony

7. Classical Sonata

8. Romantic Art Song
Gretchen and the Spinning Wheel, by Franz Schubert

9. Renaissance Motet
Giovanni Palestrina, Mass for Pope Marcellus

10. Hymn from the Renaissance
Martin Luther, A Mighty Fortress is Our God

11. Romantic Opera Aria
Georges Bizet, “Habanera” from Carmen

12. Parallel Organum

13. Baroque Oratorio in English, by the German Master HandelGeorge Frederic Handel, “Hallelujah” from The Messiah

14. Baroque Cantata
Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata 140

15. Gregorian Chant
Gregorian Chant, Santa Domingo de Silos

16. Renaissance Madrigal
Thomas Weelkes, As Vesta Was Ascending

17. Romantic Opera Overture
Georges Bizet, Overture to Carmen

18. Medieval Polyphony
Leonin, Organum Duplum

19. Romantic Art Song
Der Erlkonig by Franz Schubert

20. Perotin, Organum Triplum

21. Leonin, Organum Duplum

Discuss harmony, patronage, style period and range. If instrumental, is the selection absolute or referential? If vocal, is the selection sacred or secular?

Timbres of Interest
1. The bass clarinet is a larger, deeper clarinet which plays a lower solo than the Bb clarinet solo which follows. Other interesting instruments include the keyboard introduction, a celeste, and an oboe solo. The bass clarinet has a metal bell attached and usually rests on the floor.

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