Jazz Videos of Interest Part II, Two, 2

1. Please compare the techniques used in Early Jazz to those used in Big Band Swing. What are the differences in instrumentation? What does an arranger do?

2. What are some of the characteristics of songs from the American Songbook? Who are some of the greatest singers, songs and composers?

3. What did Charlie Parker bring to Bebop? How did Bebop differ from Big Band Swing?

4. What were the dance centers of Latin Jazz and Big Band Swing?

5. Why was Louis Armstrong so important? Benny Goodman? Describe the genius of Duke Ellington.

American Songbook
I’ve Got Rhythm“, George Gershwin

They Can’t Take That Away from Me“, Gershwin/John Pizarelli & Jane Monheit

I Should Care“, Sammy Cahn/Jane Monheit

Early Jazz
Dixie One-Step“-Original Dixieland Jazz Band
West End Blues“-Louis Armstrong
Herbie Jeebies” Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five

Big Band Swing
Sing, Sing, Sing“-Benny Goodman
Harlem Airshaft“-Duke Ellington
Taxi War Dance“-Cont Basie

Koko“/Charlie Parker

Latin Jazz
Obsession“-David Valentin

David Valentin & Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri

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