Basic Theory Checklist

1. Construct major and minor key signatures.

2. Identify major and minor key signatures.

3. Construct parallel and relative scales.

4. Identify simple intervals, or intervals an octave or less.

5. Construct simple inter vals.

5. Provide the beat unit and subdivision for simple meter signatures.

6. Provide the beat unit and subdivision for compound meter signatures.

7. Identify and correct errors in notation: stem direction, flag direction, accidental placement, correct grouping of beats for a particular meter, correct rhythmic values for a particular meter. Correct usage of dots and rests.

8. Invert simple intervals. Identify more simple intervals.

10. Construct basic triads in basic or closed position, where the outer voices are less than an octave.

11. Construct and identify inverted closed position triads.

12. Express the Roman numerals which represent Major, Natural minor, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor scales.

13. Construct and analyze chords using Roman numerals with regards to function within a key signature.

14. Identify open position triads and the simple and compound intervals contained within them Be sure to account for inversion, when present.

Practice Final No. 2

Practice Final No. 2 1 copy

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